LUX Magazine Nomination

Sometimes you do not look forward to the day ahead but then something happens to brighten everything up. Last week we had such a day the weather was poor, the day was dragging, cancellations, just the usual stuff when an e-mail brightened everything up. We are building a loyal customer base and there are a number of positive comments that gives everyone a lift. We thank all our customers for their custom and hope they all have a great experience with the food and service on offer but someone has gone out of their way to nominate us with LUX magazine's food and drink awards 2017, which gave everyone a great lift on a grey day. Thank you to whoever took the time to enter our restaurant, it makes the team feel appreciated when the day seems long and things are not going your way. The smiles were very broad when reading the mail from LUX and the grey clouds dispersed and the sun shone again.

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