The start of a new adventure

So why did you choose Waterside to set up your business? is one question we have heard for the past 18 months.

Well firstly the views and the surroundings gave the restuarant a simplistic homely feel which instantly enticed us in and left us wanting to know more about the area.

With Saltaire being a stone throw away being able to be so close to the well known heritage site was just another added bonus to show off our true to Yorkshire food.

As Waterside is a Hidden Gem ( as we have been referred to numerous times) it defiantly gives off a unique style. With a large outdoor covered courtyard area with plenty of tables over looking the Leeds/Liverpool Canal and views of Baildon Moor the rustic looking view is without a doubt one that you will not forget.

As you can imagine we were already set on Waterside being the perfect place to match our style of food and service, but we can't just buy a restaurant for the views unfortunately, we had to make sure we were in the right area, also to make sure there was a captive audience that wouldn't mind trying something different ocasionally and believe in what we do.

So endless nights of research began and to our surprise Waterside has had many owners, a handful of different names and was once a hairdressers, This was what set it in stone for us, Waterside is ours and we are here to stay there will be no new owners for many many years to come, who wouldn't want to turn a failure into a success and that is exactly what we have done as a family and as a team.

We are so grateful that we managed to stumble across this little treasure. The Locals are lovely and easy to talk to and are very supportive of us, and the variety of tourists visiting from all over the world have graced us with their presence and stories from far flung countries.

This is what makes everything worth while, we are here to please everyone who steps foot in the door and we will always go the extra mile for old and new customers to ensure they have had the best experience here with us. If you don't believe us just go check out our TripAdvisor.

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