Would you nominate your favourite Restaurant for an Award?

As you may have seen from some previous posts we have been nominated and won an award this year. This got me thinking about the Awards in our local area and who nominates the restaurants to go forward? My eyes have been opened just to how much preparation time is required to put a plate of food on your table when it is not just a pre-packed dish warmed up and served. Then there is the skill of the chef to put things together, which may have you scratching your head but bring the flavours out and make your taste buds tingle.

Everyone has their own options of what good food is and I am sure when the winners are announced there will be as many people disagreeing as agreeing we the choice of winners.

The question I would pose is have you ever thought a place was good enough in your opinion to be nominated and if so have you actually done it.

The Yorkshire Post has a good food guide through the Oliver column and I have often looked through for some ideas to try new foods or just a new place. The Oliver awards are now looking for nominations so if you want to put your area on the map and not just big city restaurants why not give your favourite a mention.


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