What Makes a Restaurant a Destination Must Visit

Our Head Chef Paul loves to visit good restaurants both for the food, and new ideas/knowledge that can continue his food education and what flavours can aid future offerings. Recent visit have included Restaurant Sat Bains, L'Enclume and Le Gavroche.

We were musing as to what makes a restaurant a destination place as a good number very good restaurants are not in large urban areas. The Chef's are becoming household names through TV shows like Great British menu and MasterChef but most of these chef's have a name in the industry so how have they launched, in some cases, quite small restaurants that are fully booked for weeks or months in advance? Does the power of a Michelin Star also have the effect of enticing "foodies" to try these restaurants? Before gaining a star you still have to bring customers through the door for a period to display your efforts to inspectors and build a reputation. So is it down to word of mouth, clever marketing, TV appearances or a mixture of everything.

What makes you want to visit a particular restaurant and how far would you go to taste good food?

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