Where has all the good food gone?

As a local resident in the Shipley/Saltaire area, it's easy to forget the rich culture and history that can be enjoyed here! The charm of River Aire and the historical significance of the Saltaire World Heritage Site, to name only a few of Shipley/Saltaire's cultural landmarks.

And yet, in spite of all this, the area has suffered a mass exodus of quality cuisine to the big cities over the decades. Many people now believe that they have to shlep miles and miles away to the bustle of central Leeds to enjoy a quality meal.

Shipley is in need of some culinary enrichment. Why should the local residents here not enjoy a culinary culture that is as rich and interesting as the area itself?

We at the Waterside feel that we can draw interest back into this fantastic area of West Yorkshire by offering food and service of the quality one should expect of a World Heritage Site!

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