How Far Would You Travel For Good Food?

Being new to the hospitality business I keep hearing and seeing comments that people will travel for good food. But how far are you prepared to travel? I have mentioned before that some excellent restaurants appear to be away from main population centres but still manage to attract full houses each sitting.

Observing our first 18 months in the restaurant if hat appears to be an ideal location we often observe people, who are the width of the canal away, point across and state how quaint but fail to make the 150 yard trip to find us and dine. Yet we have other people who come from Halifax, Guiseley, Leeds and extremes like Seattle or New Zealand. We have been fortunate in the reviews on Trip Advisor and these have helped bring in people from further afield but what do people in Baildon, Saltaire, Bingley look at to find a good restaurant?

When people do arrive it is a familiar story "we have seen you many times and meant to try you but ......."

So how far are you prepared to travel for good food and is there near you yet to be discovered? Enjoy finding out.

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