Ranting Chefs

I caught an article in a national paper regarding an exchange of views between a local high profile chef and a customer who had taken exception to the food served after waiting a year for the visit to the restaurant in Leeds. There has also been a debate about patrons taking photos of the food they are served, again a high profile chef requesting that his food should not be photographed.

Over the years "celebrity or high profile chefs have hit the headlines through disagreements with customers and YouTube has many video clips of programmes or instances where this has happened.

It was therefore interesting to read a recent article by Jay Rayner about appreciating the time and effort that goes into producing the food we eat in some dining establishments. It has opened my eyes as to the amount of preparation required for a small menu which strives to produce well cooked and presented food consistently. This preparation time time is a huge overhead but also means that a significant number of chefs are working long hours, which in turn adds to the pressure when service starts.

Food will always be subjective as to whether people like or dislike certain combinations and programmes like Masterchef are giving a wide audience a small snapshot of what works and does not., but could you cook to the same standard as presented on such programmes and under the pressure of a time deadline?

I often think that a humble steak is an easy dish to prepare but looking back over our time here it actually seems to be one of the hardest as everyone has their own idea of what is medium or rare and this can be different to every chef in restaurants you have visited.

After a stressful week serving however many meals it may not be surprising when a chef cracks if their work is not someone else cup of tea. But each to their own....

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