No Shows - Would a Deposit Put You Off Booking

There is a big debate within the restaurant trade about No Shows, (where a booking has been made and no one turns up), this may be down to illness but there is a growing trend towards multiple books for parties and then making a decision on the night/day.

Even the large chains are hit by this and are now starting to find it hard to resell tables where 10 - 20 people do not turn up without given any prior notice so these tables could be resold.

For small independent restaurants like us it can be the difference between pay wages and not or even whether we exist. With only 28 seats and bookings mainly later in the evening there is very little opportunity to resell places should a party not turn up. It is all the more frustrating if you have turned away telephone bookings that night.

Many places are now starting to take a deposit which can be refundable or not. Some are even taking the full price of a meal upon booking.

Would you be put off if a £5-£10 per person deposit was requested upon booking?

If you cannot make a booking then, although restaurants don't like it, give as much notice as possible so there is an opportunity to resell the table.

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