Airline Pricing for a Restaurant Meal

A couple of things caught my eye in the press during the last week regarding the restaurant trade. A chef spoke to the BBC and mentioned that we do not understand food as much as we think and that the lack of domestic science at schools was partially to blame. The other was a restaurant owner looking to change the way he charges for the meals at his restaurant with mid week or quieter times being charged less than peak times e.g. Weekends.

Most restaurant try and bring people in when things are quieter e.g. earlybird menus, his pricing theory was based on the way airlines charge less for flights the earlier you book or on less popular routes. Could this lead to people being sat on the next table being charged at different rates?

I have only just got my head around programming the till but having to add a second menu for early dinners would be a step too far.

There is also the thorny issue of surcharges for using cards to pay for items such as meals. This has now been stopped although a number of businesses are looking for alternatives. It is interesting listening to the arguments and one article listing the charges made on customers for accessing their own money either at ATM's or the charges that were imposed at point of sale, appeared to point the finger of blame at retailers and skim over the fact that retailers are charged by the bank or card machine companies for taking payments by card. I am sure this will continue to rumble as ways are found around the surcharge rules.

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