Does Yorkshire Sell?

Paul, our head chef, was once told that Yorkshire produce and promoting Yorkshire produce does not sell. Would you be more inclined to visit a restaurant that used local produce from the location they are based or do you not care where the food comes from? We are so use to picking over supermarket shelves for food that is not in season and imported from anywhere in the world that we start to believe that produce are in season all year round.

Have we forgotten or do we just not think about what is available on our doorstep and when anymore? But that is another topic.

Visiting the Fine Food fair in Harrogate this week there appears to be an upsurge in local produce, mainly Gin, but Cheese, Micro Brewers for ales, relishes and sauces were all coming to the fore as made in Yorkshire. Speaking to our customers it is appreciated that we use local suppliers in the main to source our main items, meat, vegetables etc. and the feedback is very positive that this is from home, Yorkshire, suppliers.

Some of the very best restaurants now appear to have, if not rather large, plots where they can grow their own vegetables.

It was with some disappointment then that a foraging tour around the stalls at the fair appeared to miss Yorkshires finest and target national and international suppliers. However based on our experience so far Yorkshire certainly does sell and customers from outside the county are surprised at the quality and range on offer.

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