Are we falling out with Restaurant Dining?

The trade press, written press and social media seem to be full of the demise of another restaurant chain. Jamie Oliver's chain is one high profile group to hit trouble, so are we falling out with restaurant dining?

We all need to eat but is it becoming less hassle or just easier to order a take away and eat at home? Reading some of the informed comments regarding the chains hitting issues it does seam as though they have expanded and moved away from what made the brand in the first place. It does seem as though growing a business has it own pitfalls as the person who's name is above the door becomes remote as the brand grows. Not sure that anyone believes that Jamie cooks at every restaurant bearing his name or other celebrity chef 's cook at restaurants with their name. However one of the factors would appear to be that as they grow bigger then the corporate world takes over and profit margins become the driver.

We have seen some increase in footfall this year, but the weather has decided to play a hand in keeping people at home and this again may give a rise to the take away sector.

Lets hope that we have some better weather on the way and customers again see the pleasure in local produce cooked well in what ever surroundings, but enjoying good company and night away from the telly or computer screen.

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