What is a Portion Size?

Obesity is back in the news and both sugary drinks and portion sizes coming under attack. A new sugar tax has been introduced, although a number of manufactures have decreased the amount of sugar except a couple of well known names.

Portion sizes and the calories thereby eaten is another area under debate. We are often picked up for having meals on the smaller side of the portion debate but the food is rich due to the use of butter and various sauces whilst cooking that help to make customers feel comfortable. The rise in US style portion sizes does appear to be on the rise in various outlets. One celebrity chef has joined the debate criticising Government policy, but is it down to Government? Should we just eat less, or exercise more? When pointed out that a children's meal in the chefs restaurant chain could have more calories than a fast food burger, maybe more thought should go into what is offered rather than the current vogue of blaming governments.

Sports people are responsible for what they put in their bodies and have to be careful not to take something which could cause a failed drugs test. Maybe we should also take responsibility for what we put in our bodies!

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