Out of the Blue - Another Award Nomination

Another week started much the same as any other, get the restaurant back into shape after a busy Saturday evening, unload and shopping to start the week with new produce. Set the tables after the weekend rearrangements, check new bookings on-line and catch up on e-mails. Surprise we have been nominated for another award, first thought is this a wind up or just someone after money to publicise the restaurant. A little bit of digging following the links and it looks genuine. Oh heck someone has found us although the places where people could nominate seem to be very London centric so how have they got to know about a small family run restaurant in Shipley?

Not sure that Chelsea Monthly Magazine, National Post or Luxury Weekly are everyday magazines in Bradford or Voovix is a regular watch. However looking at the list of nominations there are some very famous names for Chef of the year and restaurant of the year. Our name does not appear in that list so where are we? Look down further and here we are in the Best Restaurant in Bradford category. Although we may not be rubbing shoulders with Sat Bains or Nathan Outlaw little old us is there in black and ink. So mobilise the forces and cross fingers.

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