You Just Don't Know Who Dines With You!

It always surprises me, probably down to my inexperience, who comes through the doors of our restaurant off the beaten track. I know we have Sa;tire on the doorstep and being a World Heritage Site people visit from all over. Recent guest include a party from Norway who were linking up with a Bradford school, a party from France which brought my three french words out if I could remember them from far off school days. California, Seattle, Memphis are just a few of the American visitors along with Croatian and Swiss.

From this country the visitors are from three corners, not had many from Cumbria but who would leave the Lakes? We have managed Scotland, Glasgow Edinburgh and Dundee, Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Durham, Kent, Portsmouth, Devon, Cornwall, Wales,Herts, Sussex, not bad for a small out of the way place.

The tales told vary as do the reasons for visiting which are mainly business during the week, and pleasure towards the weekend.

Paul, our head chef, has been through the experience of working every day with alertness that a Michelin inspector could walk through the restaurant doors at any time and the food has to be delivered to the high standards expected every day just in case. When speaking to the guests on a recent table it was a surprise to hear the tales of visiting Michelin starred restaurants and writing about these, both home and abroad, a cold chill went down Paul's back as the memory of Michelin Inspections came back to the forefront of his mind.

For a small restaurant hidden away and constantly told we are not easy to find, we do seem to attract a varied custom, which brightens the week up.

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