Can Shipley Be A Food Hotspot?

Here we are sandwiched between Bradford, Leeds, Baildon, Saltaire, a small town often passed through but also overlooked.

A recent article both on TV news and written press highlighted the resurgence of Altringham where a near deserted high street has become a hub of activity with new shops on the back of good quality food and coffee shops.

Speaking to other business people around Shipley there is a feeling that something is need to pep up its status as it is often over shadowed by near neigh bough Saltiare, which benefits from the World Heritage status. So what does Shipley have to offer?

Food wise - Well Shipley is the home of Aagrah restaurants and they regularly win awards, Shimla Spice is another award winner, Interlude Tea Rooms has an feel of a world gone by, Vegan options are also catered for with cafes and restaurants along with ourselves being award winners.

So is this enough to start a revolution or at least tempting people back to the town?

As someone who is on the outside viewing the town there are some nice places which are just on the fringes of the centre but people just do not explore and find them but continue to walk just around the square where the fare is big corporates and easy to go. Is this enough to regenerate a centre or do we need some good independents who can cause a stir or be a focus for the regeneration?

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